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Porsche Хүлээн Зөвшөөрсөн

Ашиглалтанд байсан машин

Porsche Ашиглалтанд байсан машиныг хайж олох

Search all of the Approved models and specifications currently available nationwide. If your desired model is not available at present, please submit a request via the Porsche Pre-owned Car Locator.

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Porsche Approved Pre-owned Cars

Look for the Porsche Approved seal when buying a pre-owned Porsche. A Porsche Approved pre-owned car offers you quality, peace of mind and, above all, plenty of driving pleasure.

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Porsche Approved Warranty

The Porsche Approved Warranty covers all components of your Porsche and offers the same level of service as our new car warranty.

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Porsche Approved Pre-owned Car Centre

Owning a Porsche should be a very special experience, which is why when you buy a Porsche Approved pre-owned car we do everything we can to make sure that it really is as good as it looks.

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