About Importer

AAS Auto Service Co. Ltd. is the sole authorised importer and service centre of Porsche in Thailand since 1989. All AAS Porsche vehicles have passed through and fulfilled necessary homologation tests for Thailand. They are fine-tuned with specific adjustments in their engine management system to best suit Thailand’s regulations, fuel quality and driving conditions. Among other benefits, AAS customers are entitled to an extended warranty of up to 9 years or 200,000 km, whichever comes first. Similarly, pre-owned Porsche cars purchased originally from AAS Auto Service Co. Ltd., will also enjoy the benefits of a Porsche Approved Pre-owned Warranty provided all the guidelines are met.

Besides the extended Porsche Approved Warranty, AAS customers can truly enjoy a peace of mind, knowing that AAS is able to provide customers with top quality maintenance and service of their Porsche cars. All Porsche technicians from AAS are also specially trained and certified according to the global Porsche standards. In addition, AAS will also continuously update and remind customers for any upcoming maintenance and workshop campaigns. The team at AAS has the know-how, experience and special equipment to best take care of Porsche cars in Thailand.